Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Many Likes do I Have on Facebook?

"How many likes do I have on Facebook? will answer the question “Who likes my page on Facebook?” If you would like to see a cross section of everyone who likes a certain public Facebook page, place, event etc. use the the CrowdFinder at The number of “Likes” your Facebook page has accumulated is an accurate measure of how popular your Facebook page really is! Getting More "Likes" helps to increase the amount of times your Facebook page is shared, mentioned or “Liked” again.

Now, to find out how many Facebook “likes” you have credited to your website’s homepage URL or to an individual page in your web site you will need to use Facebook’s URL Debugger.

Even if you don’t have a like button on your web site you may have accumulated some likes to your sites Homepage URL or interior URLs of your web site. The URL Debugger will show you how many times a specific URL has been shared or “liked” on Facebook. Facebook’s URL Debugger is located here:

The Debugger will force Facebook to crawl your page and index it or re-index it as well as the photos. This is also useful if you are having problems trying to get Facebook to crawl your images when uploading a link. The Debugger will also show you who "liked" or shared your URL if they are within your circle of friends. It would be interesting to see everyone who liked your page however it looks like Facebook only allows you to see which one of your friends liked a certain link. Any comments or ideas? is the world's first entirely human edited and fully crowdsourced visual Facebook Pages and Interests Directory. With Crowdfind you can see exactly who is liking your Facebook page or any public Facebook page, you can also share crowds, pair crowds and manage your Facebook crowds, It's Fun!

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  1. Great post. Another tool worth mentioning for finding out how many Facebook likes a page has is Like Explorer.