Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Page Rank 9 and Facebook is Page Rank 10

You may have noticed that a couple of days ago Google did a page rank update and your sites might have gone up or down depending on how Larry's link analysis algorithm is ranking you. What is interesting is that what I have been predicting now for awhile is starting to happen. Google has a lowered page rank of 9 while Facebook now has a Page Rank of 10. Google's Page is now seen as less important than Facebook's page in Google's own eyes.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Firefox toolbar order

Hmm... "How do I change the order of my Firefox toolbars?" I recently upgraded to the latest version of Firefox 4 and have been very happy with the improvements and have been going about updating all of my add-ons for webdesign and SEO. I noticed that my Alexa tool bar had moved down a notch and my tool bars were now rearranged into a different order.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Google isn’t God anymore

I’ve been getting ready early for the coming changeover from Google’s spider and robot based search soon to be obsolete and replaced by a new facebook search which will produce much more relevant results than Google. I am simply putting the facebook  “like” buttons all over my sites. You can see all of the “like” or “recommend” buttons I’ve installed on my sites here: Bay Islands and here: Osa Peninsula

fb_xd_fragment and sms_ss

How to Fix the Facebook fb_xd_fragment “like” button bug and the Add This sms_ss  problem. First if you are not already aware of the issue with the Facebook “like” button please see: