Thursday, June 9, 2011

Firefox toolbar order

Hmm... "How do I change the order of my Firefox toolbars?" I recently upgraded to the latest version of Firefox 4 and have been very happy with the improvements and have been going about updating all of my add-ons for webdesign and SEO. I noticed that my Alexa tool bar had moved down a notch and my tool bars were now rearranged into a different order.

Immediately I set about looking for the controls and found that if you want to re-order your toolbars you will need to use a handy Add-on as Firefox does not have a built in control for changing the toolbar order in Firefox 4. Unfortunately The Add-on doesn't work for Firefox 4 yet. Does anyone have any ideas of how to rearrange the toolbars in Firefox 4?

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  1. "By following instruction given in below link, you can easily rearrange your Firefox toolbar order"