Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Google isn’t God anymore

I’ve been getting ready early for the coming changeover from Google’s spider and robot based search soon to be obsolete and replaced by a new facebook search which will produce much more relevant results than Google. I am simply putting the facebook  “like” buttons all over my sites. You can see all of the “like” or “recommend” buttons I’ve installed on my sites here: Bay Islands and here: Osa Peninsula

I would recommend that all webmasters install the like buttons now or be forever trying to catch up on “likes” to improve your ranking in facebook search.

Thanks to facebook companies can now spend their money on their own sites quality and product quality so that they collect “likes” from real people instead of wasting millions of dollars a year on SEOs to create tons of useless links constantly trying to fool Google into thinking the site is popular etc. We are finally moving away from a spider and robot based Google Search to a more human, active, organic and living search governed by how many real people “like” our sites on Facebook. Think of the millions that have been wasted on endless linking and “SEO” that companies could have invested back into themselves!

Google’s Spider and Algorithm based search results can never really be considered “organic” because they are calculated after information is collected by a non “organic” spider or program. Facebook seach when it is finally rolled out in all of it’s glory will be truly “organic” as organic people will be clicking on the “like” buttons. Facebook only allows real people in their system, so by detecting fake accounts facebook should be able to catch the SEO cheaters much easier than Google can.

Thank God! or shall we say Thank Facebook! that Google isn’t God anymore.

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