Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Page Rank 9 and Facebook is Page Rank 10

You may have noticed that a couple of days ago Google did a page rank update and your sites might have gone up or down depending on how Larry's link analysis algorithm is ranking you. What is interesting is that what I have been predicting now for awhile is starting to happen. Google has a lowered page rank of 9 while Facebook now has a Page Rank of 10. Google's Page is now seen as less important than Facebook's page in Google's own eyes.

I've noticed that Google has assigned page rank to many internal Facebook pages visible to the public without logging into Facebook. And that many of those pages with my backlinks on them in the news feeds are being counted as links by Google and seem to be passing page rank to my interior pages. Those are easy links to get and often times the page owner will click the "like" button on your post giving you even more benefit  from the link.

Facebook Pages are now playing a very important part in my link-building strategy and Google seems to have decided that they like those links since they are human edited and will most likely have to pass the approval of the page owner. more thoughts on this later...

If you are not familiar with Page Rank yet more info can be found here:  Page Rank

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